How do I Reserve my Site

QUESTION: How can I reserve my preferred site location at Bidwell Village?

ANSWER: At Bidwell Village we offer prospective buyers the right to reserve their preferred site location at Bidwell Village by utilizing a NON-BINDING RESERVATION AGREEMENT. The purpose of this agreement is to allow a buyer to reserve a particular site at Bidwell Village, for a stated period of time, without creating any binding obligation on the Buyer to Purchase a condominium unit on that site or on any other site at Bidwell Village. Within the stated reservation period, the Buyer retains the absolute right to cancel the reservation at any time, for any or for no reason, and receive an immediate return of the site reservation deposit. Further, upon expiration of the reservation period, the NON-BINDING RESERVATION AGREEMENT shall automatically expire and the site reservation deposit will be automatically returned to the buyer.

Because the Non-Binding Reservation Agreement is not a legally binding agreement, it does not create any contractual rights or obligations on either the buyer or seller. Contractual rights shall be created only upon the execution by buyer & seller of a formal Purchase & Sale Agreement. During the reservation period, the seller will prepare a formal Purchase & Sale Agreement for the reserved unit, which will be submitted to the buyer for execution. If buyer elects not to execute the Purchase & Sale Agreement, seller shall have the right to terminate the Non-Binding Reservation Agreement by so notifying buyer and immediately returning the reservation deposit to buyer. If no Purchase & Sale Agreement is executed between buyer & seller by the end of the reservation period, the Non-Binding Reservation Agreement shall automatically expire and the reservation deposit shall be immediately returned to buyer.

Sample Agreement
BV-Non-Binding-Reservation-Agreement-1 Click Here To View Printable Non-Binding Reservation Agreement