Frequently Asked Questions

For FAQ’s relating to replacing crumbling foundations, visit our Crumbling Foundation Replacement FAQ’s.

Q: Do you draw up plans?

A: Yes, we custom design plans to meet your lot and your personal specifications.

Q: What is the cost of building a home?

A: The price is difficult to quote because there are so many varying factors include the price of the lot, size and design of the house, materials used to name a few. For remodels, factors will include the cost of demolition, size and design of project, materials used, and so on. We invite you to meet with us and discuss the price range that will meet your spending goals.

Q: Do you have any lots to choose from?

A: Yes, we have several lots currently available, and we continue to purchase new lots as well.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A; Yes, We can tailor your financial needs as you require.

Q; Are your homes energy efficient?

A: Yes, we participate in the Connecticut Light & Power Energy Crafted Homes program and the EPA’s Energy Star homes program. We can build a home that meets current EPA standards for Energy Star compliance. We recommend use of the GeoExchange heating and cooling systems.

Q: If I have my own plans or drawings of what I want, can you build from them?

A: Yes, we can build from plans that you already have; but if you are starting from scratch. We will gladly have custom plans drawn for you.

Q: If I change my mind about something after you have started building, but that part hasn’t been built yet, can you make the changes in the design?

A: We pride ourselves on accommodating customer requests whenever possible. If a change can be made, we will make it.

Q: In terms of scheduling, can I rely on your completion dates?

A: Our past customers are a testament to our ability to finish your home on schedule.

Q: If I want extensive work done on the property like a swimming pool or stone work can you include that as part of the construction package?

A: Absolutely!

Q: Do you handle the process of zoning and building permits or do I?

A: We handle the permits from the beginning to the end. The cost for this is included in the contract.

Q: When you set a contracted price, is this an estimate, and how much can my actual costs vary from what is on the contract?

A: Once the contract is agreed upon and signed, that will be the cost unless changes are requested. Change requests carefully documented and must be signed by the customer for them to take effect.