• Crumbling Foundation Replacement
  • Crumbling Foundation Replacement

Crumbling Foundation Replacement

Spring Hill Builders & Remodelers is working with homeowners through this new process to fix homes that have been affected by crumbling or cracked foundations.  Working closely with our fully-licensed and experienced sub-contractors, we make a complex process as easy as possible for homeowners.  Our services include not only moving your home, but also:

  • Replacing the foundation;
  • Obtaining necessary permits;
  • Disconnecting all services (such as electrical and plumbing); and
  • Coordinating with various local agencies and organizations to ensure the process is done correctly.

Many homeowners are facing crumbling foundations due to a mineral known as pyrrhotite, which is a component in the concrete for the foundations that are now crumbling, according to a report completed by the State of Connecticut.  The report also notes that the amount of water used in the installation was also partly to blame. Pyrrhotite is an iron sulfide mineral, and its exposure to oxygen and water leads to a chemical reaction that results in deterioration of home foundations. The only known way to effectively resolve these deteriorating foundations is to completely replace the foundation.  The State of Connecticut issued a research report, Crumbling Concrete Foundations in Connecticut, in 2018 discussing this problem, and steps homeowners can take through the State to remediate the issue. 

We understand the challenges homeowners face when trying to replace their foundations.  We have provided a list of FAQ’s below. We are ready to answer any further questions you have, and to start working with you today to repair your house.

Crumbling Foundation Replacement FAQ’s

Q: How much will it cost to replace my foundation?

A: We would love to speak with you, discuss your house’s foundation needs, and provide a quote. There are many factors that determine the cost, including your house’s size, design, age, location, accessibility, move distance, whether there are any sidewalks, decks, and/or porches, and more. Whether the house is on a crawlspace or basement can affect the cost as well. Please contact us for an estimate.

Q: Can I test my foundation to determine if it has pyrrhotite (called core testing)?

A: Yes. The State of Connecticut has made funds available to test whether your foundation contains pyrrhotite. To learn more about the program eligibility and to apply to receive reimbursements, visit: https://www.foundationtesting.org/.

Q: How long will it take to move my house and replace my foundation?

A: From one day to several weeks to move the house. It depends upon the size, location, age, and structural limitations of your home. Replacing the foundation will take anywhere from X to X.

If you currently have a finished basement, additional time could be required to replace the finished basement as well.

After reviewing your house’s unique circumstances, Spring Hill Builders & Remodelers will provide you with a timeline to complete your house.

Q: Is the integrity of my house affected during this process?

A: When done correctly, the integrity of your house should not be affected. Before moving the home, we will walk through the house and try to identify any structural faults, and discover ways to mitigate any issues we find.

Q: Can my family and our possessions remain in the home during this process?

A: Your family is not allowed to reside in your home during this process. Not only will all services to your house be connected (no internet or running water!), but temporary support systems will be installed in your house, such as steel beams. Check with your town to determine if you are allowed to temporarily live in a temporary structure on your lot during this process.

While people are not allowed to stay in the home, some of your possessions can. Because your foundation will be replaced, anything in your basement/crawl space will need to be removed prior to the house being moved. Homeowners can choose to either move their possessions on their own, or through Spring Hill Builders & Remodelers.

Q: During this process, can I work with Spring Hill Builders & Remodelers, LLC to renovate other parts of my home?

A: Of course. Either at the start of the process, or during the move, we would be happy to discuss any renovation you might like, from updating paint colors, adding a porch, or renovating a kitchen. We also have a close relationship with a talented interior designer, who would be happy to meet with you and discuss any changes you would like made.

Q: Will I receive a written contract clearly delineating the responsibility of all sub-contractors involved in the move and foundation replacement?

A: Spring Hill Builders & Remodelers LLC provides a detailed, written contract to all homeowners. Before starting any work, homeowners must sign a contract that explains the scope of work, and the expected outcome. Any changes to the written contract that arise during the process, such as additional work, will also be stated in writing and require homeowners written approval. We work closely with our customers each step of the process to avoid any expensive surprises.

Q: Does Spring Hill Builders & Remodelers LLC assist with financing for replacing foundations?

A: ]Yes. Spring Hill Builders & Remodelers LLC works with several local banks to assist homeowners in obtaining necessary financing.

We are also staying up-to-date on progress by the State of Connecticut, which has made $40 million in bonding available over the next two years to homeowners who need to replace or repair failing foundations through the Crumbling Foundations Assistance Fund.

Q: What about my mortgage and insurance? Do I need to notify the companies or make any changes to cover this process?

A: Your mortgage company must be notified of the move. Without their written approval, you may be responsible for paying your mortgage in full. We will work with you and your mortgage company to comply with any of their requirements to make sure your move and the replacement foundation process faces no hurdles.

Spring Hill Builders & Remodelers LLC, as well as all of our sub-contractors, carry full comprehensive insurance to cover your building move, including structural damage due to the move, from raising the building to transporting it to the new site, to replacing the crumbling foundation. You might want to consider purchasing short term insurance to cover unforeseen problems that occur during the process, such as any previously existing structure faults.